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Name Canonical name Scientific name Lookups Short etymology Long etymology Etymology applies to
Ruschia constricta Ruschia constricta L. Bolus From the Latin constrictus = ‘compressed’ or 'constricted' Edit
Gasteria vlokii Edit
Cyphia crenata var. angustifolia From the Latin angustus = ‘narrow’; and folius = ‘leaf’. Edit
Conyza senegalensis Conyza senegalensis Willd. From Senegal in West Africa Edit
Persicaria tanganyikae Persicaria tanganyikae (J. Schust.) Soják Edit
Lobelia filiformis f. multipilis Lobelia filiformis f. multipilis E. Wimm. Edit
Englerodaphne leiosiphon Englerodaphne leiosiphon Gilg Edit
Gemmaria chaplinii Gemmaria chaplinii (W. F. Barker) D. Müll. -Doblies & U. Müll. -Doblies Edit
Rhynchosia leucoscias Edit
Garrodia nereis Edit
Asclepias eminens Edit
Teedia pentheri Teedia pentheri Gand. Edit
Trifolium minus Trifolium minus Sm. Edit
Dactylis longifolia Dactylis longifolia Schrad. From the Latin longus = ‘long’ and the Latin folius = ‘leaf’ Edit
Erica cernua From the Latin cernuus meaning ‘drooping’ Edit